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  Mission Statement  


Dreamers, Learners, and Winners


The mission of Payne Elementary School is to provide a safe and challenging instructional environment to enable students to succeed in today's world.


Each teacher/student will set high expectations.

Each student is a shared responsibility including home, school, and community.

Each student deserves a quality education to ensure lifelong learning.

Each student's self-esteem will be nurtured.

Each student will achieve success and recognition for accomplishments.

Each student deserves respect and the opportunity to voice his/her opinion.

  About The School  

Payne Elementary School

In 1884, Payne School was formed as a private Methodist School supported by the African Methodist Episcopal Church. the school was named for Daniel Alexander Payne, a black Methodist bishop who was born in 1811 in Charleston, South Carolina. Payne closed as a private institution in 1930 at which time it became part of the Selma City School System.